Monday, 17 November 2008

gas engined tramway

Hi ,I am from the UK ,and I was wondering if anyone knew any historyabout gas engined trams?.My home town which is called Briton Ferry,used to have a gas engined tramway it was started in 1896 and lasted until 1920,the trams were powered by an Otto type gas engine,anyone know anything about other gas tramways from around the world?,the gas trams came from Germany and used the Luhrig system,other gas tramways that I know about include,Lytham St Annes,(UK) Trafford Park Manchester,(UK) and Neath Coporation tramway(South Wales in UK)also found some information about an Estonian gas tramway that ran in 1920 to 1930,which I would like more information about,also an Austrlian gas tram in Melborne.I am also looking for any photos or drawings of the Otto gas engine,anyone able to help me out out there?